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Semi-DRYCUT SYSTEM IV replaces traditional coolant pump.
Namely, just take out coolant pump and connect Semi-DRYCUT SYSTEM IV to coolant intake port of the machine. Micro-mist runs through coolant piping, and strongly blows out from the machine's nozzle or oil hole drill.


Good quality micro-mist will be strongly blown out from nozzle through air piping and tubes, without sticking to the inside.
To fulfill this aim, we developed special air-circut in the main body.

  • 1)
    Very fine and even micro-mist.
  • 2)
    Strong blowing.
  • 3)
    Automatic adjustment of oil consumption in relation to nozzle size.
  • 4)
    Trouble free. - Maintenance free.

Technical Teatures

  • 1)
    Micro-mist is blown out even from φ1.0mm nozzle.
    The pressure of micro-mist is nearly same as Supply Air Pressure.
    When air is supplied at 0.5 MPa, the pressure of micro-mist at the blow-out port is nearly 0.5 MPa. By this strong pressure, micro-mist runs through coolant piping of the machine,and is blown out even through φ1.0mm nozzle.(Test by our Testing Apparatus.)
  • 2)
    Automatic Adjustment of Oil Volume. When nozzle size varies, oil volume is automatically adjusted. When nozzle size is larger, air flow is larger and oil volume is automatically larger. Likewise, when nozzle size is smaller, oil volume is smaller. Nearly same volume of mist is constantly blown out irrespective of nozzle size variation.
  • 3)
    Maintenance-free. In our SYSTEM, micro-mist is generated by special air pressure control circuits. Piston pump is not used, and there is no wearing parts. Thus, it is trouble-free and maintenance -free.

Main Specifications

Dimension &
165(W)x145(D)x269(H)mm approx. 6.0 kgs
Oil Reservoir
approx. 1,000 cc
Supply Air
0.4 ~ 0.6 MPa By Oil Volume Control Knob
Oil Volume
Initial Setting
Oil volume is automatically adjusted whenever nozzle size varies.
Troublesome M-signal setting is not needed at all.
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This type is for mist blowing throughLocklinenozzle.Magnets are provided to main-body, Lockline nozzle and ON/OFF ball cock; the unit can be mounted to the machine in 3 minutes. No need of modification of machine at all. Besides,1 liter “ULTIMA” oil is provided, so that you can operate the unit immediately.

Outstanding Features

  • 1)
    The oil volume is adjusted by seeing the oil dropping.(1 drop of oil is approx. 0.013cc.)There will be no mistake at all.You can have the assurance of oil volume.
  • 2)
    When air is shut off by Ball Cock, oil dropping stops as well.Operation is simple and easy.
  • 3)
    When one piece of Solenoid Valve (3 port type) is set on Air Supply Hose,you can have the automatic operation.
  • 4)
    The very ecoomical price, and universal usages.

Applicable Machines

Milling machine, Drilling & Tapping machine, Lathe, Sawing machine,Grinding machine, etc.
When there is no interference of nozzle at Tool change,it can be widely used with Machining Center, CNC Lathe and Automatic machine.

Suitable works

  • 1)
    Machining Center, CNC Lathe
  • 2)
    Milling Machine, Turning Machine
  • 3)
    Drilling/Tapping Machine
  • 4)
  • 5)
    Sawing Machine
  • 6)
    Grinding of Carbide/Ceramis
  • 7)
    Longer Tooll Life, Finer Finis
Type DC-1 (1pce nozzle), DC-2 (2pcs nozzles)
Dimension &
110x115x230mm approx. 1.6kg
Oil Reservoir
approx. 500cc
Air Pressure 0.35 ~ 0.7MPa approx.


ULTIMA Vegetable Oil

Does not contain toxic item nor pollution item. Friendly to the health and environment.
It is specially refined vegetable oil for micro-mist metal cutting.
For Semi-DRY CUT SYSTEM, use “ULTIMA” exclusively.
To all types of Semi-DRY CUT SYSTEMS, 1 lit. “ULTIMA”Vegetable Oil is provided.

Why "ULTIMA" shows so wonderful performance?

It is generally accepted that vegetable oil has much larger lubricity than mineral oil. "ULTIMA" is specially refined for micro-mist metal cutting. When "ULTIMA" micro-mist is blown out to the cutter, it covers the blades with molecule film.
Thus, the blades are protected and are well lubricated. This is the reason of excellent cutting power and long tool life. The heat generation is prevented as well.

Applicable Machines

Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel, Hardened Mold & Die material, Aluminum and non-ferrous metals,Titanium, Magnesium and other exotic materials and plastics.


  • 1)
    Can be used to all metals and plastics.
  • 2)
    Even on the surface of aluminum and non-ferrous metals, no stain is left.
  • 3)
    Especially in finishing, small chips are blown away by air and very fine surface is obtained.
  • 4)
    Tool life is extended.
  • 5)
    Cleaning process can be eliminated or largely reduced.
  • 6)
    99% Biodegradable in 10 days


1 lit. Bottle, 5 lit. Bottle, 18 lit. Pail.


In case of through spindle or through turret using DC-S4, ULTIMA LIGHT is suggestend.More fine fog will be generated.

Effects on various machinings and materials

  Alloy Steel Stainless Steel Hardened Mold
HRc40 to 45
Aluminum Non-Feffous
Drill < 3 Good Good   Good Good
Drill < 4-6 Good Normal   Good Good
Drill > 7 Normal Normal   Normal Normal
Tap < M3 Good Good   Good Good
Tap > M4 Normal Normal   Good Good
EndMill < 2 Excellent Excellent Good Excellent Excellent
Endmill 3-12 Good Good   Good Good
EndMill > 13 Normal Normal   Normal Normal
Ball End M0.5-0.1R Excellent Good Excellent Good  
Reamer Normal Normal   Normal  
Saw Good Good   Excellent Good
Parting-off (Lathe) Excellent Excellent   Excellent Excellent